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Fort Sidzina

A fort full of culture!


On the weekend of 17th–18th September, Fort 52 ½ S “Sidzina”, known also as the Fort of Art/Life, opened its gates for the celebration of Kraków Fortress Days. There was no shortage of emotions!

The meeting with Prof. Andrzej Chwalba during Kraków Fortress Days is behind us


On Saturday 10th September, we met Professor Andrzej Chwalba – a historian and the author of Festung Krakau. Kraków w cieniu twierdzy [Fortress Kraków. Kraków in the Shadow of the Fortress] – in the Museum of Photography MuFo at ul. Rakowicka 22a in order to talk about the multifaceted fortress heritage in Kraków.

Twierdza Kraków gadżety konkursowe

Rules of the Discover the Kraków Fortress promotional campaign


We invite you to read the rules of the promotional campaign ‘Discover the Kraków Fortress, get stamps and win attractive prizes!’ The details of the competition can be found here.

Twierdza Kraków gadżety

Sightsee the Kraków Fortress and win prizes!


An ongoing challenge will bring us together in the passion for discovering the heritage of our city. The most ardent explorers of the Kraków Fortress will be honoured with prizes! Feel free to join the campaign!

Guide’s Plate badges granted. Guides will show us around the Kraków Fortress


During the celebration of World Tourism Day on 27th September (Tuesday), badges were officially granted to graduates of guide courses. This year 25 persons have become licensed Kraków tourist guides.

Wyjątkowy „roślinny” pomnik amerykańskiego bombowca

New plant monument to an American bomber


Kraków decided on an unusual way of commemorating the history of the US Fifteenth Air Force Boeing B-17G ‘Kandie’ – a ten-man, four-engine strategic bomber that made a crash-landing near Fort 52 in Borek Fałęcki in 1944. A special installation presenting the silhouette of the U.S. bomber was put in the revitalised park.


Neglected Fort Łapianka shines again


It is to be the most modern and technologically most advanced museum facility in Kraków. The renovated Fort Łapianka and a new building with green areas and a campsite will soon be available for use. As a result, the capital of Małopolska will become a centre of the European scout movement.

Wielkie otwarcie Fortu Borek

The grand opening of Fort Borek


The new branch of the Podgórze Cultural Centre inaugurated its activity on Saturday 30th July. Members of the reconstruction group took part in the opening ceremony. On Sunday 31st July, a family picnic took place.

The first edition of Kraków Fortress Days is over!


From 10th September till 18th September, Kraków inhabitants and lovers of tourism beyond the beaten track can take part in a new event in the city’s calendar. This new event – Kraków Fortress Days – was organised as part of European Heritage Days’ 30th anniversary. The great festival of the Kraków Fortress is an ideal opportunity to discover the unusual heritage of the capital of Małopolska.


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