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A fort full of culture!

On the weekend of 17th–18th September, Fort 52 ½ S “Sidzina”, known also as the Fort of Art/Life, opened its gates for the celebration of Kraków Fortress Days. There was no shortage of emotions!


Those who visited the Fort of Art/Life on the last weekend had an opportunity to become one of the first explorers of the recently opened facility. The renovated Fort Sidzina was restored to service – this time, however, it is intended to serve cultural, not military purposes.

The discoverers of the new place on the trail of the Kraków Fortress were able to attend workshops and meetings with unusual people. Magda Brhel, a guide around the corners of the fort, told the ‘Story from below the ground’ during the walk with the visitors. Both old and young visitors could awaken a true artist in themselves during painting workshops run by the Foundation for the Art of Disabled Persons and walk the route of a field game full of puzzles and riddles around the fortress park, prepared by the Questing Foundation.

Lovers of nature liked the proposal of walking around the trees with dendrology expert Wojciech Bobek (with a prize competition for the youngest ones), and children discovered ‘What squeaks in the grass?’ with the Children into Nature Foundation.

Those looking for emotions and challenges could listen to Joanna Pajdak-Subry’s fascinating story about disabled persons who go scuba diving. This story proved that the limits we set for ourselves and others have nothing in common with our actual potential, which can take us much further than we think we can dare to go. Wioleta Więckowska, a psychologist from the Pełna Życia [Full of Life] Foundation, explained the intricacies of savoir-vivre when enjoying the company of persons with disabilities.

A play based on The Little Prince performed by the Integrative Theatre Group of the Pełna Życia Foundation was dedicated to lovers of fairy tales and beautiful wise stories.

A bonfire with gifted storyteller Mateusz Świstak, who moved participants into the world of the legends of autumn equinoxes, added splendour to the Saturday evening. On the Sunday afternoon, a guest of the fort was Michał ‘Szyszkodar’ Klimczyk – a Kraków storyteller and artist who rescues abandoned books.

The events in the Fort of Art/Life were a part of the programme of Kraków Fortress Days – an event held as part of the Kraków Fortress project pursued by the Kraków City Commune. Some events were carried out thanks to financial support from the Małopolska Province and the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People [PFRON].



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News author: Ireneusz Michał Hyra
News Publisher: Fortress Krakow
Published: 2022-11-27
Last update: 2022-11-27

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