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If you wish to enter into co-operation, organise events or produce multimedia materials concerning the Kraków Fortress, please contact the Kraków City Commune, which is responsible for the Kraków Fortress project.

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The Kraków Fortress is an initiative that assumes a long-term process. Its aim is to create a modern tourist product based on the resources of the former Kraków Fortress and with respect for the existing architecture, landscape and fortress greenery. It is a huge project that brings many partners together. The fortress facilities are managed by municipal institutions, universities, foundations, associations, and private entities. In addition, the Kraków Fortress has a coherent visual identification system designed for different kinds of use.

To obtain more information about the Kraków Fortress, contact the Kraków City Commune:

Department of Tourism of the Municipality of Kraków

Pl. Wszystkich Świętych 3-4, 31-004 Kraków

phone: +48 12 616 6052

fax: +48 12 616 6056


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News author: Monika Jagiełło
News Publisher: Fortress Krakow
Published: 2022-11-27
Last update: 2022-12-06