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The grand opening of Fort Borek

The new branch of the Podgórze Cultural Centre inaugurated its activity on Saturday 30th July. Members of the reconstruction group took part in the opening ceremony. On Sunday 31st July, a family picnic took place.

Wielkie otwarcie Fortu Borek
Photo B. Świerzowski

‘When a decision to revitalise Fort Borek was made over 10 years ago, everybody realised that it was an unusual challenge, and not just for financial reasons. Our goal was, on the one hand, to maintain the unique fortress character of this place and, on the other hand, to create a site that would meet current requirements and fully address the needs of the local community and tourists while fulfilling its new cultural functions. I am convinced we have accomplished this goal, and ours is the common success of all persons, institutions and entities engaged in this exceptional project,’ said Mayor Jacek Majchrowski.

The main artillery fort – Fort 52 ‘Borek’ – was established as a part of fortifications of the Kraków Fortress in the second half of the 19th century. This structure served military purposes until the 1950s. Then it housed, among others, a processing plant followed by a building depot and eventually fell into disrepair as vacant premises for years. Restored (in the years 2013–2022) with the effort of the Council Building Administration in Kraków and assisted by European funds (the Regional Operational Programme for the Małopolska Province) and the funds of the Municipality of Kraków and the Social Committee for the Restoration of Kraków’s Monuments, it will fulfil cultural functions from now on . The fort will be the seat of the Library of Polish Song Cultural Centre and the new branch of the Podgórze Cultural Centre (which will replace the Kliny Club that has been housed at #1 Bpa A. Małysiaka Street to date).


‘The revitalisation of the devastated fort was a huge conservation and building project. We are facing another task – we want the new branch of the Podgórze Cultural Centre to teem with life and to become a place of integration for the local community and an important point on the tourist map of our city as a part of the Kraków Fortress tourist trail. I am convinced that this will prove to be the case, because we have a unique, ultra-modern facility at our disposal. We will expand the offer of the new branch of the Podgórze Cultural Centre located here together with inhabitants of this part of Kraków, taking into account their needs and expectations,’ said Anna Grabowska, the director of the Podgórze Cultural Centre.

The cost of the investment totalled over 24 million PLN, including also 10 million PLN from external sources – EU funds (the Regional Operational Programme for the Małopolska Province) and the funds of the Social Committee for the Restoration of Kraków Monuments. Works carried out by the Council Building Administration in Kraków encompassed the area within the moat (the barrack building, the outfield, the artillery rampart, the infantry rampart). At the same time, beyond the moat, the City Green Administration in Kraków conducted an investment connected with the creation of the park near Fort Borek, which was opened on 20th June.

For more information, see here.

Fort 52 ‘Borek’ is one of the defensive structures situated in the south of the city that form part of the Kraków Fortress – a unique fortification heritage on a European scale. The fortress is an extraordinary monument well worth knowing because of its historical, cultural, ecological and functional value. Therefore, we invite you to visit the Kraków Fortress and to discover its secrets even today. From 10th to 18th September, we will follow the fortress trail with guides and listen to lectures by specialists; there will also be workshops for children and adults and competitions with prizes. The detailed programme of events will soon be available at krakow.pl!



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News author: Ireneusz Michał Hyra
News Publisher: Fortress Krakow
Published: 2022-11-27
Last update: 2022-11-27

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