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InfoKraków points

At INFOKRAKÓW points, you can get information about tourist attractions of the city and its surroundings, cultural events and places of accommodation, buy tickets, hire a guide and pick up free promotional materials.

InfoPunkty Kraków
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InfoKraków points are located throughout the city. These are:

  • InfoKraków ul. św. Jana 2 – as the name suggests, it is located at Świętego Jana 2 Street. In the past, it was the seat of the Cultural Information Centre. We provide comprehensive information about and tickets to cultural events in Kraków and its surroundings. In addition, we offer tourist materials, Kraków and Małopolska guide books, souvenirs, promotional giveaways, and tickets to organised trips.
  • InfoKraków Cloth Hall – it is located in the middle of the Market Square. You will be immersed in Kraków’s unique atmosphere as soon as you enter the Information Point, as it is located inside the Cloth Hall erected in the late 14th century. Open all year round, this tourist-oriented point offers assistance in booking tour guides and sells tickets to day trips to the most interesting places in the region. A broad selection of maps, guide books and folders is available, both free and for a fee. We also sell attractive souvenirs.
  • InfoKraków ul. Szpitalna 25 – the point is located at Szpitalna 25 Street, next to the major transport hub of the railway and bus stations. For many tourists it is the first point of contact with Kraków’s tourist life. We provide advice concerning accommodation, promotional materials, and places that are particularly interesting.
  • InfoKraków ul. Józefa 7 – it is located at Józefa 7 Street in the centre of the historic Kazimierz district. Tourists visiting this part of the city will find detailed information on sightseeing (the most important monuments and opening hours, Kazimierz tourist routes, points of interest, restaurants) and cultural events (classical and klezmer music concerts, theatre performances, live music clubs). We also provide free promotional materials about the city and the Małopolska region and sell a range of publications (guide books, audio guides, maps), postcards, stamps, and tickets to organised trips.
  • InfoKraków Zgody 7 – it is located in the Nowa Huta district, at Zgody 7, close to the Plac Centralny square. Zgody 7 is a place created in response to the needs of Kraków inhabitants, where meetings, lectures, workshops and other cultural events are held. It is also a meeting point and a suitable space for families, young and elderly people as well as disabled persons. At InfoKraków Zgody 7, you will find information about what happens in Kraków, particularly in Nowa Huta.
  • InfoKraków International Airport Kraków-Balice – it is located in the arrivals hall of the International Airport Kraków-Balice. For many tourists, it is the place of the first contact with Kraków, so we provide information on the easiest ways to reach the city centre and assistance in organising accommodation. The point offers tourist materials, guide books, maps and Tourist Cards with which discovering Kraków and the Małopolska region will be easy and pleasant. We also provide information on cultural events being held in Kraków.
  • InfoKraków Powiśle 11 – The modern InfoKraków point at Powiśle 11 Street is situated in one of Kraków’s most prestigious locations: at the foot of Wawel Hill, right next to the Vistula River. This place has been created to address the needs of dozens of thousands of visitors sightseeing Wawel Castle and the areas around Wawel Hill.
  • InfoKraków ICE Kraków – The point at Konopnickiej 17 Street sells tickets to cultural events being held in Kraków. The staff will tell you where to look for interesting concerts, exhibitions and original attractions for children. You can also pick up free promotional materials, including the monthly magazine ‘Karnet’ featuring Kraków’s cultural offer. And, last but not least, you will get advice where to look for inexpensive places of accommodation. ATTENTION! This infopoint is closed on days when private events are held in the ICE Kraków Congress Centre.
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News author: Monika Jagiełło
News Publisher: Fortress Krakow
Published: 2022-11-27
Last update: 2022-12-06