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Welcome to the Kraków Fortress

Its size and modernity were impressive, and it used to be a proof of the power of a possessive monarchy. Today the Kraków Fortress serves peaceful purposes and is our heritage. It is a special heritage, which has not just grown into the landscape of the city and surroundings – it has literally shaped them.

The Kraków Fortress was erected in times when free Poland did not exist, but talking, writing and exchanging correspondence in Polish was freely allowed in Kraków. At that time, Kraków was surrounded by Austrian forts, whose crews spoke various languages and professed different religions. This was during the belle epoque, in the times of the Second Industrial Revolution, when people believed that the development of science in various fields would make their life longer, easier and more pleasant. Many of these inventions were used in forts, buildings and infrastructure for military purposes.

Today the world looks completely different. We also look differently at how the Kraków Fortress can serve inhabitants. After many years, the Kraków Fortress was recognised for its architectural beauty, refuge of greenery, landscape values and the space where the past meets the future.

Therefore, the potential of the Kraków Fortress project developed by the Kraków City Commune is special. Its aim is to provide knowledge about the history and heritage of the complex of buildings and infrastructure encompassing the entire city. Some structures were taken over and restored by civil institutions, enterprises and non-governmental organisations. Today they are places of cultural, scientific, sports or medical life. Some of them house museums, whereas others offer beautiful panoramic views of Kraków and its surroundings. Almost all of them are surrounded by the greenery that ensures peace and relaxation in the exuberant city of Kraków. Together they show how they are interconnected by old fortress infrastructure and how smoothly they have blended in with the city. The new chapter of the history of the Kraków Fortress unfolds before our eyes.

The fortress awaits the discovery of its secrets. It wants to surprise us with its history and potential. It invites us to explore, to travel in time and to have an active rest with history in the background.

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News author: Monika Jagiełło
News Publisher: Fortress Krakow
Published: 2022-11-26
Last update: 2022-12-06