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Materials for download

The aim of the Kraków Fortress project is to restore Kraków’s fortress heritage to public awareness. Tools for communication with recipients include in particular the universal and recognisable Visual Identification System consisting of a graphic sign, a system of icons and illustrations and digital as well as printed promotional information.

The Visual Identification System of the Kraków Fortress is based on a coherent set of elements that stresses its historical character while focusing on the praise of design and architecture. The identification system is designed so as to be used in many configurations. The elements used (project sign, logotype of Kraków, colours, font, photos, etc.) always occur in the graphic layout described in the Visual Identification System.

All editable materials marked with the Visual Identification System of the Kraków Fortress should be approved before completion by the Kraków City Commune, which has active responsibility for the project. These actions result from the need to check materials for the cohesiveness of the project.

In order to receive materials for download about the Kraków Fortress – the Visual Identification System and other multimedia files, please contact the Kraków City Commune: twierdzakrakow@um.krakow.pl.