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Rules of the Discover the Kraków Fortress promotional campaign

We invite you to read the rules of the promotional campaign ‘Discover the Kraków Fortress, get stamps and win attractive prizes!’ The details of the competition can be found here.





The terms used in these Rules have the following meanings:

  1. Organiser – Kraków City Commune, based in Kraków (31-004), Pl. Wszystkich Świętych 3-4, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 676-101-37-17, National Business Registry Number (REGON) 351554353.
  2. Campaign – a promotional campaign entitled ‘Discover the Kraków Fortress, Get Stamps and Win Attractive Prizes!’ that is held during the period and on conditions indicated in these Rules.
  3. Facilities – facilities of the Kraków Fortress indicated in § 2 that take part in the Campaign and for visits in which Stamps can be obtained.
  4. Stamp – an impression of the pattern determined by the Organiser that confirms a visit to a Facility.
  5. Rules – the present Rules specifying conditions and rules of the Campaign, including conditions and rules of receipt of Prizes. The Rules are available on: www.twierdzakrakow.pl and in Facilities.
  6. Winners of the Campaign – the Participants who collected the number of Stamps required to receive the Prize that is specified in § 6 of the Rules.
  7. Prize – a non-financial prize to which the Participant is entitled upon earning the number of Stamps required to receive it in accordance with § 6 of the Rules.
  8. Period of the Campaign – the period indicated in § 4 of the Rules during which Participants collect Stamps and exchange Stamps for the Prize.
  9. Participant – a person who joined the Campaign and meets the necessary conditions for participation in the Campaign that are specified in § 5.
  10. Book – a paper book dedicated to the Campaign on which Stamps are affixed in Facilities directly after the visit. The Book can be collected for free in Facilities specified in § 2.


  1. Facilities covered by the Campaign: Bastion III ‘Kleparz’ (ul. Kamienna 2, 30-001 Kraków), Fort 2 ‘Kościuszko’ (Aleja Waszyngtona 1, 30-204 Kraków), Fort 31 ‘St Benedict’ (ul. Porucznika Stawarza 29, 30-540 Kraków), Fort 49 ‘Krzesławice’ (Osiedle Na Stoku 27B, 31-704 Kraków), Fort 49 ¼ ‘Grębałów’ (ul. Kocmyrzowska), Fort 52 ‘Borek’ (ul. Forteczna 146, 30-437 Kraków), Fort 52a ‘Jugowice’ (ul. Forteczna 28, 30-437 Kraków), Fort 52 ½ S ‘Sidzina’ (ul. Kozienicka 33 30-397 Kraków), Fort 52 ½ N ‘Skotniki’ (ul. Kozienicka 24, 30-397 Kraków), General Emil ‘Nil’ Fieldorf Home Army Museum (ul. Wita Stwosza 12, 31-511 Kraków), Museum of Photography MuFo – Rakowicka (ul. Rakowicka 22A, 31-510 Kraków), Defensive Walls – Kraków Museum (ul. Pijarska, 30-547 Kraków).
  2. A change of the list of Facilities covered by the Campaign during the validity period of the Campaign will not be regarded as a change of the Rules.


The aim of the Campaign is to promote tourist values, to popularise the heritage of the Kraków Fortress, and to grant prizes to Participants sightseeing the facilities of the Kraków Fortress.


The Campaign starts on 10th September 2022 and lasts until further notice. It is possible to join the Campaign at any time between its start date and end date.


  1. Joining the Campaign is voluntary and free of charge.
  2. The right to participate in the Campaign is available to persons who meet the conditions for participation in the Campaign that are indicated in the Rules and are not subject to exclusion from participation in the Campaign in accordance with the Rules.
  3. Any individual who jointly meets the following conditions may take part in the Campaign:
    • He/she has full capacity to conclude legal transactions (is at least 18 years old and is not partially or completely incapacitated within the meaning of the Civil Code). Persons not having full capacity to conclude legal transactions are entitled to take part in the promotional campaign only subject to the consent of their legal guardian or statutory representative and in co-operation with an adult caregiver.
    • By taking part in the Campaign, the Participant states that he/she has read and fully accepted the provisions of the Rules. the Participant undertakes to comply with the content of the Rules and states that he/she meets all conditions that entitle him/her to participate in the Program.
    • In the case of violation of the Rules, the Organiser reserves the right to exclude from the Campaign the Participant who commits such violation.
  4. The Organiser stipulates that 900 (in words: nine hundred) Books will be issued under this Campaign, and participation in the Campaign will be possible as long as the circulation of the Books is not exhausted.


  1. Two kinds of Prizes with the logotype of the Kraków Fortress will be granted in the Campaign:
    • The first Prize is a survival kit (a rucksack, a cap, a reflector) for earning 5 Stamps;
    • The second Prize is the book Spacerem przez Twierdzę Kraków [A Walk Through the Kraków Fortress] of the Municipality of Kraków for earning 10 Stamps.
  2. The Organiser informs that the gross value of an individual Prize specified in point 6.1 does not exceed 30 PLN and, therefore, is exempt from personal income tax.
  3. The Organiser is the sponsor of all Prizes.
  4. The Organiser informs that it is not possible to exchange any Prize for another product or to receive its equivalent value in the form of money.
  5. The Participant entitled to receive the Prize must not transfer the right to receive it to a third party.
  6. The number of Prizes is limited.


  1. The Campaign takes place in the territory of Poland.
  2. In order to take part in the Campaign, the Participant should:
  3. During the period of the Campaign in § 4 of the Rules, collect a Book for Stamps in the reception office of any selected Facility being open at that time and fill in the following data: full name and signature of the holder. The Organiser stipulates that the number of Books is limited and, consequently, their availability may be different in each Facility;
  4. After each visit to a Facility (on the same day, directly after the visit), report to the reception office of the Facility in order to collect a Stamp after impressing it in the Facility in the designated place (along with the date). Each Participant is entitled to one Stamp for one visit to a Facility. Stamps from several Books are not added together.
    1. Any Participant who has collected the minimum required number of Stamps entitling him/her to obtain the first Prize that is specified in § 6 par. 1a may receive the Prize or continue to collect Stamps and, upon obtaining 10 Stamps, exchange them for the first and second Prize specified in § 6.1 at the same time.
    2. Upon receipt of the first Prize specified in § 6 par. 1a, the Participant is still entitled to take part in the Campaign and continue visiting Facilities and, consequently, collecting Stamps for the second Prize specified in § 6 par. 1b.
    3. Each Participant may take part in the Campaign only once and receive only one Book, subject to § 7 par. 6.
    4. In the case of losing or destroying the Book, the Participant is entitled to receive one empty Book until the stock of these Books is exhausted. In such case, the Participant is not entitled to supplement the new Book for Stamps with the number of Stamps collected in the lost or destroyed Book.


  1. In order to receive a Prize, the Participant must present the Book with the number of Stamps entitling him/her to collect Prizes specified in § 6 par. 1 to an employee of one of the points of receipt of Prizes specified in § 8 par. 2. The employee checks the Book and gives the relevant Prize to the Winner of the Campaign. When the release of the Prize is recorded, the Book may be retained by the Winner of the Campaign.
  2. Prizes can be received in two reception points:
  1. In the absence of the Prize in the given reception point specified in § 8 par. 3, the Participant must agree upon the day of receipt of the Prize with an employee of the reception point or receive the Prize in the second point where the Prize is available. The Participant of the Program is not entitled to reserve special properties of Prizes.
  2. In the case of failure to receive the Prize by the end of the Campaign, the Participant loses the right to receive the Prize.
  3. The Organiser of the Campaign reserves the right to reject the Book presented by the Participant in justified cases, i.e., when there is a suspicion that Stamps have been forged and are not consistent with standard stamps used in Facilities or the condition of the Book makes it impossible to ascertain the value of stamps.


  1. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel this Campaign at any time.
  2. The rules of the Campaign are specified only in these Rules. All promotional and advertising materials related to the Promotion are for information only.
  3. Before joining the Campaign, the Participant is obliged to become familiar with the Rules and comply with them.
  4. The Organiser reserves the right to verify whether Participants meet the conditions specified in the Rules.
  5. In any matters not settled by these Rules or concerning the interpretation of the provisions of these Rules, the decision of the Organiser is binding.
  6. The Organiser does not pay costs and expenses borne by Participants in connection with participation in the Campaign.
  7. The Organiser reserves the right to change the Rules to the extent permitted by the law. The Organiser reserves the possibility of changing the Rules, unless it makes the conditions of participation in the Campaign less favourable. Each change takes effect upon being published at: www.twierdzakrakow.pl. In the case of a change of the Rules, the relevant message will appear at: www.twierdzakrakow.pl.
  8. These Rules and their changes become effective upon being published at: www.twierdzakrakow.pl